Why Is Weight Loss Surgery So Much In Rage


The Biggest Weight-Loss News of 2013

There is some justice in assuming weight loss surgery to be really the ultimate and the most efficient call for those looking forward to a slim and fit body. We tell you why they fall on surgery when everything else fails. Increased Energy Expenditure Bariatric surgery induces hormonal changes which improve weight loss by enhancing or maintaining the number of calories burned. Certain surgeries, in fact, even increase the amount of energy that is expended. This, therefore, ensures that dietary weight loss does not work as much as surgical weight loss. A High Probability of Physical Activity and Positive Attitude Weight loss surgery gives the opportunity for one to lose weight significantly.
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Weight loss surgery

Dr. Anita Courcoulas, with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, studied more than 2,000 people who underwent one of two types of weight-loss surgery. She discovered many success stories, like Streb’s, three years after the procedure. “There was substantial weight change following both bariatric procedures at three years after surgery, and we also saw improvements in diabetes, lipids, and blood pressure at the three-year time point as well,” Courcoulas told CBN News. The patients lost on average about one-fourth of their initial weight and about half saw improvement in their diabetes. Blood pressure improved in almost everyone.
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Let Weight Loss Surgery Plans Pull You Out of Obesity-Driven Holiday Blues

For many with holiday blues, simply doing something constructive, such as considering the relative benefits of lap band vs gastric sleeve procedures, might take their mind away from the negative thoughts that can spur excessive sadness or even depression. Of course, anyone who may be suffering from clinical depression should immediately obtain help, whether or not they explore a bariatric procedure. However, for those of us who may simply be feeling a bit more obesity-related stress, loneliness, and isolation than we might otherwise feel around holiday time, part of depression is the feeling that things in your life will never change. It might simply be time to disrupt that unhealthy cycle by exploring the benefits of such medically proven procedures as a gastric sleeve or lap band. Los Angeles weight loss specialist Dr. Michael Feiz and his outstanding medical team are here to help answer all of your concerns and start you on the road to a happier and healthier life.
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Weight Loss Surgery a Boost to Better Health?

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3. Eat More Protein, Lose More Weight A small study published in September found that the optimal amount of protein for those trying to lose weight may be more than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) set by the Food and Drug Administration. Researchers put patients on specific diets that differed in protein – groups either ate the RDA of protein, double that amount, or triple that amount. Those who ate double the RDA of protein lost more fat than muscle , which is important for keeping metabolism levels up when you are trying to lose weight.
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